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Codice Prodotto: B01NCJVWV7
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  • Individual addressable Digital LED Strip, 56 Brightness Display and 24-bit color display. each pixel can have its Own color and Brightness..

  • Work Great with Arduino, ready-to-go Library, fastled Library and Raspberry Pi, ecc. it' s Very easy to program.

  • Covered with clear silicone weatherproof sheathing, which Protects IT Very well and makes it easy to clean

  • It comes with 3Pin JST-SM Connectors and separated Power/ground Wires on Both Ends. each LED can be Cut Off without damaging the Rest Strip. You can shorten, lengthen oro Bend IT Freely if you want

  • It can be used to make LED screen, LED Wall, Advertising Board and Ideal for Party, Wedding, festival, holiday, Xmas, Halloween, Light scultura, decorative Figura, attiva Signs, Displays, Shop Windows, and storefronts, bar, Nightclub, Street, Sidewalk, Deck, Park, Porch, Staircase, railing, Ceiling, oro Driveway

  • deatail:
    Model: WS2812 Strip 5050RGB chips
    Input voltage: DC5 V
    LED Qty: 60pcs RGB SMD 5050 PER Meter
    Wave Length (Nm): R, 650mcd; G, 520mcd; b, 460mcd
    Power: 18 W/M
    Segnale: WS2812B WS2811 chip built-in LED
    View angolo: 120
    Life Span: More than 50000hrs
    fpcb Width: 10 mm
    Product Dimensioni: l1000mmxw10mmxh3 mm
    White PCB
    The WS2812B Strip, Every 5050 RGB SMD Built-in (embedded) One ws2811ic chip, realize Individually Addressable, Means Every One LED Lighting Effect can be controlled.
    Work under DC5 V, Each LED is Individually Addressable, with 8 bit of red, green, and blue data Shifted in For 24 bit Color, strips take data in green, red, blue Order. Match use controller can appear colorful curtain-up/Flow Water/gocce/Jump Flash and so on hundreds of lighting effect, you can also edit animazione Effect by CorelDRAW/Flash/lededit software. Low Power consumption, Super-bright scopo running with low temperature
    All the light spread and completely Smooth, Luminous Very even
    Every One LED Lamp can be arbitrary Cut Off, good flexibility, can be arbitrary Bending, according to your requirement
    LED Tipo: High Quality 5050 SMD LED, High Intensity and reliability, lungo lifespan > 50,000 hours
    Pacchetto Included
    1 x 1 m LED Strip Light

    alitove 3.2ft WS2812B 5050RGB LED Strip 1m 60SMD Individual addressable Full Color Flessibile Pixel Rope Light non Waterproof 5V White PCB B01NCJVWV7

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